Dr. Nury Effendi S.E., M.A

Dr. Nury Effendi is a senior lecturer at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University. He earned his bachelor in economics from Padjadjaran University (1983), a Masters degree in economics from Ohio State University, USA (1987), and a Ph.D in economics from Oklahoma University, USA (2000). His research interest is in the area of financial economics and econometrics. His recent research is on the impact of corporate actions on public perception and on regional competitiveness in Indonesia. Dr. Nury Effendi is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University.

Recent Publications:

  • Foreign debt and its sustainability, paper presented at ISEI Congress, Menado, June, 2006.
  • Education and income distribution: Empirical evidence from regional panel data in Indonesia, presented Indonesia-Malaysia cultural Seminar IX, Bandung, 2005 (with Sanusi Fatah)
  • Tick Size, Auto Rejection, dan Liquiditas: the case of Indonesian Stock Exchange, paper presented at Nasional Business Practice Seminar: Between Theory and Reality, Jakarta, 2004 (with Fitri Hastuti)