The following are the abstracts and submitted presented papers proceeding of the International Conference of Integrated Microfinance Management 2016. We also include the link to the conference proceeding published by Atlantis Publisher for the selected papers of the conference. The proceeding published by Atlantis Publisher contain papers that were revised and resubmitted after the conference for publication and indexation

Keynote Address
1 Introduction to the first International Conference Integrated Microfinance Management for Sustainable Community Development
Prof. Dr. L.J. Slikkerveer
Director, LEAD Programme, Leiden University
2 Keynote Address 1
Prof. Dr. Ilya Avianti, SE., MSI., AK., CPA
Head of Board of Auditors, Fnancial Services Authority (OJK)
3 Keynote Address 2
Dr. Anak Agung Gde Agung
Alumnus of the LEAD Programme of Leiden University, The Netherlands
Former Cabinet Minister of Social Affairs, Republic of Indonesia (1999-2004), Indonesia
4 Keynote Address 3
Drs L.E.H. Vredevoogd
Senior Advisor IMM Project and Former President of Universiteit Leiden

First theme : Global Poverty and Poverty Reduction Approaches and Models
01. Canvas Business Model for Development Student BMT
Author(s): Galih S. Mahardhika, Muhammad Abdullah Mujahid   Paper
02. Poverty and Child Labor: Are Children the Last Economic Resource of the Household?
Author(s): Sasongko, Febry Wijayanti   Paper(A)
03. Strategy Development Business Model of Kerambah Fish Farmers to Increase Competitive Advantage of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Jambi
Author(s): Fitriaty, Raja Sharah Fatricia   Paper
04. Developing Business Strategy and Business Model for PT Punjlloyd Indonesia to Regain Market Share in Thermal Power Sector
Author(s): Pappu Kumar   Paper
05. Empowering Women Through and Business Patchwork and Quilt at Bandung City
Author(s): Siti Aminah   Paper
06. The Role of Community Based MFIs in Supporting Food Hawkers Community
Author(s): Erman Sumirat   Paper
07. Is Indonesia’s Growth Inclusive?
Author(s): Priasto Aji, Yangki Imade Suara   Paper
08. Crowdfunding: Financial Service for Unserved Crowds
Author(s): Taofik Hidajat, Ina Primiana, Sulaeman Nidar, Erie Febrian   Paper(A)
09. Integrating Social Marketing in Balanced Diet Campaign
Author(s): Linawati   Paper
10. Critical Governance Failure Factors in Revolving Fund Implementation: Case From Jakarta Government
Author(s): Bani Pamungkas   Paper
11. Microfinance Communication for Group Saving and Loan Sustainability: A Case Study of Tabur Puja Scheme in Posdaya, Jakarta
Author(s): Andika Witono, Anter Venus   Paper(A)
12. The Importance of Intercultural Awareness of the Agent of Change in the Community as an Alternative Approach to the Provision of non-Financial Services to the Poor
Author(s): Weny Widyowati   Paper

Second theme : Methods and Techniques for Poverty Measurement and Comparison - Microfinance and Inclusive Microfinance Lessons from Cases and Approaches
01. Determinants Analysis of The Importance of Accounting, The Quality of Financial Statements, and The Implementation of Standar Akuntansi Keuangan – Etitas Tanpa Akuntansi Publik (SAK ETAP) on SME Fostered by PT Telkom
Author(s): Muhammad Afif, Sri Mulyani   Paper(A)
02. The Riches in Data Versions on Poverty
Author(s): Hans de Bekker   Paper(A)
03. Financial Inclusion and Development: OIC Member Countries Analysis
Author(s): Siti Nurmu’minah Fitriah   Paper
04. An Analysis of Influence of Fiscal Autonomy, Economic Growth, and Openness Access to Regional Disparities: Case on Provinces in Sumatera
Author(s): Muhammad Fajri, Arman Delis, Yohanes Vyn Amzar   Paper
05. The Effect of the Competition and Financial Performance on the Efficiency of the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Bandung Area: A Two-Stage Approach
Author(s): Maman Setiawan   Paper
06. Horticultural Saving Program: An Alternative Inclusive Microfinance Scheme
Author(s): Sulthonul Aulia, Rahma   Paper
07. Impact of Sustainable Community Development Program Through Microfinance: Study of YCAB Foundation
Author(s): Alya Annisa   Paper
08. Rural Tourism Development using Ecotourism as a Model of Community Empowerment in Cireundeu Indigenous Village, Cimahi, West Java
Author(s): Deru R. Indika, Nike Vonika   Paper(A)
09. Development Models And Strategy Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) In South Sulawesi.
Author(s): Muhammad Awaluddin Ardiansyah   Paper(A)
Author(s): Prijana, Wina Erwina, Samson Cms   Paper(A)
11. Industrial Concentration and Price-cost Margin of the Micro and Small Enterprises In the Indonesian Food and Beverages Industry
Author(s): Maman Setiawan, Muhammad Purnagunawan, Nury Effendi, Rina Indiastuti   Paper(A)

Third theme : Indigenous Knowledge, Worldviews and Institutions for Sustainable Community Development
01. Marketing of Cilembu Sweet Potato Seeds in the Cybernetics Era through the content of Dongeng Hui Cilembu
Author(s): Susanti Agustina, Wina Erwina   Paper(A)
02. Waduk Jatigede: Microfinance, Rich and Poor, Poverty and Local Wisdom
Author(s): Junardi Harahap   Paper(A)
03. Microfinance Practice in Bataknese Traditional Wedding Party
Author(s): Niko Saripson P. Simamora, Estro Dariatno Sihaloho   Paper(A)
04. Natural Resources Management and Environment Based Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK
Author(s): Malikkul Shaleh, Mirna Dianita, Lussy Hutagalung, M.A.M Kramadibrata   Paper
05. Community Local Wisdom of Kasepuhan Community at Mountain Halimun in Conserving Natural Resources and Environment
Author(s): Henly Yulina, M Ade M Kramadibrata n   Paper(A)
06. Indigenous Knowledge, World View and Institution for Sustainable Community at Mappi Regency of Papua
Author(s): Taslim Dawan, Sjafril Darana, M.A.M Kramadibrata   Paper(A)
07. An Ethnoscience Approach on The Minangkabau Wedding Ceremony Pasambahan Manjapuik Marapulai in West Sumatra, Indonesia
Author(s): Arum Perwitasari   Paper
08. Gelar Rarangkén Paré’ as a Media of Communication for Sharing Indigenous Knowledge of Food Culture in Desa Sindangkerta, Kecamatan Cipatujah, Kabupaten Tasikmalaya
Author(s): Kusnandar   Paper
09. Indigenous Medical Knowledge for Integrated Public Health Development: A New Way to Reduce Poverty in West Java Raden
Author(s): Maya Febriyanti   Paper(A)
10. Indigenous Communication Patterns of Traditional Home Industry for Sustainable Community Development in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Nurmaya Prahatmaja   Paper

Fourth theme : Islamic Financing Principles and Practices for Poverty Reduction and Development
01. The Need of Global Islamic Financial Inclusion Index
Author(s): Irlan Adiyatma Rum, Teguh Santoso   Paper(A)
02. Do Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks Converge in Stability?
Author(s): Teguh Santoso, Irlan Adiyatma Rum   Paper
03. Zakat and Poverty Alleviation: A Lesson for the Fiscal Policy Makers in Nigeria
Author(s): Urama Stephen, Osueke Chinaemerem   Paper
04. Competitive Strategy Based on Transformation and Dynamic Capabilities in Resulting Business Performance of Islamic Microfinance Institutions
Author(s): Harry Sutanto   Paper(A)
05. Developing Sustainable Social Benefit Scheme for The Hard Core Poor Using Zakah, Waqf & Qard Hassan
Author(s): Syed Othman Alhabshi, Seyed Kazem Sadr, Shaikh Hamzah Abdul Razak, Magda Ismail A. Mohsin   Paper
06. Islamic Financing Principles and Practice for Poverty Reduction and Development
Author(s): Oon Konaah   Paper(A)
07. Efficiency of Islamic Bank in Indonesia
Author(s): Siti Karimah, Tanti Novianti, Jaenal Effendi   Paper
08. Spiritual Intermediation in Islamic Microfinance: Evidence from Indonesia
Author(s): Besse Wediawati, Rike Setiawati   Paper(A)
09. Islamic Banks’ Concern with the Poor and Micro Businesses: An Evaluation on their Al Qard Hasan
Author(s): Egi Arvian Firmansyah   Paper(A)

Fifth theme : IMM: New Management of Indigenous Institutions for Integrated Financial and Non-Financial Services for Sustained Poverty Reduction
01. Socio-Economic Impact of Village Community Banks; A Case Study of Tanzania
Author(s): Musuto Chirangi   Paper
02. Pension Program for Informal Workers: Finding out Indigenous Knowledge based Alternative Model of Pension
Author(s): Ruly Wiliandri   Paper(A)
03. Optimalize Funding Resources Through Crowd-investing for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
Author(s): Irfan Tsany Surya, Kinanti Zukhrufijannah Patria   Paper
04. Analysis of Integrated Microfinance Management E-Information – Based Search Engine
Author(s): Wina Erwina, Yulianti   Paper(A)
05. Poor Women Empowerment Service Through Microfinance Grameen Bank System (Case Study of Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa /Komida)
Author(s): Slamet Riyadi, Sulaeman Rahman Nidar   Paper(A)
06. Increasing the Health of the Disadvantaged Indonesians through Dana Sehat (Health Funding) Program as A Contribution to Integrated Microfinance Management
Author(s): Raini Diah Susanti   Paper(A)
07. Poverty and Sustainable Community Development in Indonesia
Author(s): Ayu Swaningrum   Paper(A)
08. Agroforestry and Mobile Local ‘Bank’ System (Bank Simpenan) in Cianjur
Author(s): Dede Tresna Wiyanti   Paper(A)
09. Pendamping Desa’ as a Community Manager: A case study of the role of Village Mentor of Rural Economic Business-Savings and Loans (REBSL) in the province of Riau-Indonesia
Author(s): Anter Venus, Adiatma Siregar   Paper(A)
10. Using OVOP Concept to Achieve Economic Sustainability in the Creative Industry
Author(s): Rora Sari Puspita   Paper(A)
11. Gintingan: A Case Study of Economic Tradition and Community Initiative Management in Kabupaten Subang, West Java, Indonesia
Author(s): Kurniawan Saefullah   Paper

Concluding Remarks
01. Review, Implications and Follow-up
Author(s): Prof. Dr. L.J. Slikkerveer   Paper