About Us

The growing interest and activities in the new field of IMM around the world, the Conference on IMM&SCD invites scholars, researchers and students to contribute to the further development of this integrated approach by submitting their abstracts and presenting their papers related to the theoretical, methodological and practical development of Integrated Microfinance Management for poverty reduction in Indonesia and beyond.

In addition, the International Conference also seeks to provide a community-based contribution to the realization of the United Nations Post-2015 Development Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2015) which has become the highest priority for the years to come.

At the same time, the International Conference will also undertake the establishment of a Global IMM Network of scholars, students, and professionals and their institutions to provide a platform for documentation, discussion and exchange of ideas and results for the further development of the IMM approach worldwide. We believe this will result in innovative & creative microfinance: strategies for inclusive & sustainable development.

In line with these recent developments, the International Conference on IMM&SCD welcomes in particular papers of relevant research and case studies on the following topics:

  1. Global poverty and poverty reduction approaches and models
  2. Methods and Techniques for poverty measurement & comparison
  3. Microfinance and inclusive microfinance: Lessons from cases and approaches
  4. Indigenous knowledge, worldviews and institutions for sustainable community development
  5. Islamic financing principles and practices for poverty reduction and development
  6. IMM: New management of indigenous institutions for integrated financial and non-financial services for sustained poverty reduction